Equine NeuroEthology

Equine NeuroEthology – Lucinda B. – Principle Speaker

Neuroscience: The study of the brain and nervous systems

Ethology: The study of animal behavior

Neuroethology: The study of WHY animals behave as they do based on HOW their brains work

“This is a way of understanding the “Why” of the horse.  We have studied the anatomy of the body of the horse for years.  With new ways of understanding the horse’s brain through neuroscience we can start to understand  how they are hard wired. “

What do you want your relationship with your horse to look like?

Lucinda B discusses this in her presentations on Equine Neuroethology
Broken up into 4 sections,

1. Intro to brain/mind, herd behavior and What It Is to be Eqine. 

2.  Learning

3.  Cognition

4.  Emotions

Each presentation is 1.5 to 2 hours with Q & A.

To book Lucinda B. to come and speak at your event, please contact BWR.

Lucinda’s Background:
In a nutshell my education is in childhood development and observation in the science of behavior since 1970. I’ve been around and working with horses since 1956. I have attended many schools, clinics and had many mentors from the academic world. Since 2002, I have been studying equine ethology- the behavior of horses in their natural environment (the herd). I’ve also studied neuroscience- how the brain learns, works out emotions and how the central nervous system plays a role in these processes. I am committed to this work and if I can help a human or a horse along the way then so much for the better.

My mentors are:

  • Marthe Kiley-Worthington
  • Frans De Waal
  • Tom Dorrance
  • Dr. Stephen Peters
  • Martin Black
  • Linda Kohanov
  • Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
  • Jaak Panksepp
  • Konrad Lorenz
  • Carl Safina
  • Leif Hallberg
  • Bill Dorrance

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