One-on-One Coaching with Lucinda

Lucinda And Cion

Horses are not autonomous beings.  To feel secure, they need to know that your are supportive of them and engaged.  Tired of horses being unpredictable?  You can learn how to see it coming.

Develop confidence through knowledge of the whole horse.  With this program you will learn the skills you need to respond effectively and responsibly with your horse.

After an evaluation, an outlined step-by-step program is developed for each person and their horse.
Program includes 5 paid lessons $250.00.  ($50 per session- approx. 90 min. each)
These lessons can be with your horse or with one of ours.

Whether it’s going through water, trailer loading, learning not to rush an obstacle, or resolving “spookiness” issues, you will develop confidence and better understand how to support your horse.

“This past weekend was an incredible experience for me. I am blown away how my mind has opened up and my thinking changed. I have a new appreciation for everything you have taught me. Thank you for your support.” -Kim, Redmond Oregon

We will have “Play Day” on Saturdays during good weather by request of 5 or more. Play Days are available for those taking lessons. Play Days will be 2-3 hours of group coached riding, usually on the BWR trail course. Cost is $25/person.