Horse Communication

It All Starts with Communication.

If we don’t think like a horse, don’t walk like one, don’t eat like one, then why would we assume the horse can understand what we are asking of them?

Without a language that both human and horse understands, we remain just interesting creatures to them.

When we ask them to preform a task for the first time there really is no reason to think they understand what we are asking of them, so why would a horse have a clue.

There must be some kind of line of communication. Teach your horse how to communicate with you. Start with learning the Horse’s language, and move on to paragraphs, then essays, and after all that you can write a novel together.

And remember this –  horses are not autonomous beings so when you take them away from their heard – for a ride, or grooming, a week, or forever – you have got to be there for them.

We don’t have to be great riders to get along with a horse.  All that is required is the will and the way to communicate and have a great relationship.

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