Contact BWR

You can contact us in the following ways.

  • Phone: (541) -977-5611 Text or Call (Hours for calling 7:00 am to 6:30 PM)
  • email:
  • snail-mail: 20420 Harper Rd., Bend, OR 97703

We’ve got a slew of dogs, but they’re all really friendly. The big Great Dane might bark, but he’s more likely to hurt you by wagging his enormous tail at you than anything else. The best strategy to get them to ignore you is to completely ignore them until they calm down. Really, it works.

We’re located about 10 miles north of Bend, Oregon, between Hwy 97, Hwy 20 and Hwy 26 in an area commonly known as Tumalo.

Set your GPS for: 20420 Harper Rd, Bend, OR 97703, or…..

1) Out of Bend, go north on Highway 20 towards Sisters.

2) You will go down the hill, over the river and take the first right turn into the little town of Tumalo.

3) Keep going through Tumalo and continue north on Cline Falls Road.

5) About 4 miles past Tumalo look for White Rock Loop (there are two of these because its a loop). Turn right on the SECOND White Rock Loop, just past the 3 story house with the white vinyl fence.

6) Go 0.8 miles and when White Rock Loop starts looping to the right, go straight onto Harper Road.

7) We’re the first driveway on your left, 20420. Big pasture in the front. Drive to the gate and push the button- the gate will open.

8) Go straight ahead and park along the fence on the right after the small green barn on your left.


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